Friday, February 7, 2014

Let the hand-quilting begin!

Last weekend, I spent Saturday ironing this quilt top and all day Sunday smoothing, pinning, smoothing, unpinning, smoothing, pinning, calling my mom and finally basting my first full-sized quilt on the kitchen table.  This has been a work in progress for the last 5 or 6 years although I have started and finished a few smaller baby quilts in the meantime.  I didn't have the room to lay it flat to baste in Tokyo, but now that I have the space, I'm (mostly) happily back to work.  I had a moment last Sunday afternoon when I was certain this would by my first and last quilt of this size, but now that it's basted and ready to hand-quilt, all that back-breaking work is forgotten.

Bring on the Olympics!


  1. Looks amazing! What does basting mean? I keep visualizing you pouring drippings on the quilt over and over...

    1. That would be an interesting technique for a fragrant quilt! In this case basting is when you sandwich all the quilt layers together and loosely bind them together with long lines of loose stitches. Then the layers done shift (ideally) while you're going through and doing hand quilting. So far, so good!!

  2. Such a pretty quilt! I can barely sew on a button. I'm hoping I can take a class in Latvian mitten making soon :-)

  3. Ohmygosh Molly -- it's beautiful! Is it all hand-pieced? The fabric selections tell me that you're your mother's daughter too LOL!